New Common Ground Schedule


There have been some exciting changes to the Common Ground Schedule.

Rosetta Stone has been replaced by Multicultural Education, which will still be run by Tammie. This class will aim to educate participants in cultures from around the world.

Art Expression has moved to Mondays.

The new Health Action Plan (HAP) Group will be on Tuesdays AND Thursdays. This group is peer led, by Alan and Deb, who are both trained in WRAP facilitation. The group will have two parts, the first being WRAP. Once the complete WRAP Training is complete, Advance Directives will be offered to those interested. Neither is mandatory, and they will alternate as far as when they are offered during the HAP timeslot.

Art Therapy and Mindfulness is a new group that will be facilitated by Diane.

Wellness has moved to Thursdays at 10 AM.

Working Thru Recovery has moved to Thursdays at 11 AM.

OT Task Group will have two morning classes on Friday, and only one on Mondays and Wednesdays.

*Please let staff know if you have any questions.

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