CG Supports IC Basketball Team

During the championship in the Manchester Rec Men’s Basketball League, Common Ground came out in force, with countless staff and members supporting the team. The game was extremely close, with Intercommunity’s team making a respectable effort towards defending their championship from last year. Unfortunately, our boys lost the team by 3 points, but we were all very proud of their effort.


CLRP Advance Directives Info Session


Right now in Common Ground, Lisa from Connecticut Legal Rights Project is providing an info session on Advance Directives, something all people should consider creating for themselves. Like a living will and WRAP Plan all rolled into one, this document is legally binding and can be used to guide the work of your treatment providers might you ever find yourself in a place to not such important make decisions. We owe a lot to CLRP already, but today was especially informative and interesting 🙂

Passion of the Common Ground

Common Ground Visits Fellow Member Who Stars in Acclaimed Community Theater Production

Last night, a large group of Common Ground Members visited Crossroads Community Church in Manchester, to watch their production of the Passion of the King. This play, which has become a huge hit in the community, is starring one of our very own Common Ground members, Benjamin. He has worked tirelessly for this production, and the team was happy to attend the show and lend their support for his hard work. In doing so, the group of Common Grounders were able to experience a new favorite experience – one they are anxiously awaiting for next year.



Asperger’s Syndrome Presentation

Autism Expert Tim Balser Visits Common Ground to Educate Staff and Clients

For years, InterCommunity and Street Smart Ventures have been working together to develop traveling workshops, where experts in several areas can visit other parts of the state to share what their expertise with others. Today, Common Ground was lucky enough to have Mr. Balser here to share his story.

It was standing room only for the presentation

We look forward to more opportunities where Common Ground clients can benefit from knowledge gained from experts, or chances for them to share their own expertise. Stay tuned for more creative programming here at the Common Ground Learning Center!

More than 20 people attended Tim’s interesting talk in Common Ground


Common Ground at the Capital Again

Yesterday, for Lobby Day, Common Ground were a small part of a group of hundreds of advocates who gathered at the Legislative Office Building and State Capital yesterday, in Hartford. As we always try to do, Common Grounders were able to seek out our legislators and speak with them about the budget and how it may negatively affect the health of many people. Legislators are in a very difficult situation but seem to empathize with our cause and appreciate our efforts. We have seen some legislators so often over the years that they are actually recognizing individual Common Ground members.

After Hours Activities for March

Join us in March for one of these exciting after hours activities. There is a cut-off for each activity. Remember that all activities are first come, first served, and attendees must be active members of Common Ground. Each activity leaves from 991 Main Street (Common Ground) at the time listed for each activity. See staff for details/questions.


Friday 3/11 at 1 PM  |  Shopping Trip to Saver’s/Mall/Etc. + Dinner with Anthony (Bring $10 for food and more for spending, if desired)  Cutoff: 6

Friday 3/18 at 4 PM  |  Play (Passion of the King) with Beverly and Tammie (Bring $20 for food and the play)  Cutoff: 10

Thursday 3/24 at 4 PM  |  In House Movie with Mike (Free)  Cutoff: None for Movie, 11 for rides

Friday 4/1 at 4 PM  |  Wethersfield Pizza with Anthony and Beverly (Bring $10 for food) Cutoff: 10