This past Saturday, May 21st, Common Ground showed up and supported our friends at NAMI CT as part of their huge annual event, the NAMI Walk.

Common Grounders pose with Chompers, mascot for the Yard Goats, Hartford’s new minor league baseball team. We are looking forward to visiting their games soon!

One thought on “NAMI Walk

  1. Wherever possible, NCRMHB and the Regional Consumer Advisory Council (RCAC) would appreciate credit for the funding and project support of many activities coming from Common Ground Clubhouse – such as the 2016 theater exposure referenced here. The RCAC Mini-Grants project funded a very passionate theater fan at CG who is sharing her $925 worth of grant dollars for theater tickets for 16 opportunities to see a show for the first time this year thanks to the RCAC Mini-Grants project. Some were at the Bushnell, another at Civic Center in Htd. (old name)

    It helps RCAC (a peer-run council for over 17 yrs, giving out these grants, of up to $2,000) to get the word out that they are an option for adults in recovery to realize dreams, lead peers/build confidence and increase wellness. Staff from ICMHG are wonderful supporters to the grantees too (Anthony & Tammie). Grantees are to be pat on the back for bringing such wonderful opportunities to peers they are mentoring within social club as well, so big THANKS! Whether a project be the A/V YA video studio, the new desktop computers, the theater cultural arts trips, big LCD TV, new 4-season tents camping gear, softball team equipment, Underground Players (acting troupe), cooking equipment, etc – RCAC has funded over past 15+ yrs at ICMHG…please just plug RCAC Mini-Grants and where $ come from and place our website for other adults in recovery and their families to see who might want to apply. 🙂 These days majority of LMHAs do not fund these things as their budgets no longer allow it.

    Great Blog and fotos!!! Enjoy all of the videos on Youtube and your digital newsletter.
    The RSS feed is a great idea for those who prefer to read and store for future.


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