2016 Redfield Awards

Every Year, Common Ground awards outstanding contributors, who go well beyond what’s necessary in terms of service to our program. This important celebration highlights our most dedicated staff (outside of Common Ground), community partners and members. Please view the photos below and read the captions for more on this year’s winners.

Maria Lawrence, is a staff member in our Young Adult Services Program. Maria constantly performs tasks for Common Ground that are outside of her job description. She is a beloved member of the InterCommunity team, due to her work ethic and willingness to do whatever she can to help.
Maura Sheil-Hughes works for NAMI-CT. She supports us every time we testify at the capital, which is quite OFTEN. Maura has worked to obtain scholarship funds for countless members of Common Ground, making it possible for them to attend important trainings to learn advocacy.
Cindy Andisio is a savior to the Common Ground program. When we were moving, settling into the new space, redefining our programming, and in dire need of a constant, Cindy and her ever-evolving team of Occupational Therapy Assistant Interns were just that. Common Ground is a much better place because Cindy is in it!
Britney Darleen Bidmead has been supporting Common ground for more than 6 years. She has volunteered on several trips, including 8 full days in Acadia in 2012. In 2014, she ran a summer long project that taught dozens of members how to create their very own business plans. To this day, she helps Common Ground in countless ways, virtually every day.

There were two other awards presented yesterday. Unfortunately, neither recipient was able to attend our ceremony. There descriptions are below:

Claude R. has been a member of the Common Ground Program for several years. He is known most for his friendly personality and generosity. Frequently, Claude brings in pizza, pastries, etc. without being asked to do so, to feed those less fortunate. He even cleans up after the group every time, without being asked to do so, to ensure he will continue to be allowed to provide these much-anticipated gifts to his peers.

The Glastonbury Home Depot has been providing donated vegetable and herb plants to the Common Ground Learning Center for 3 consecutive years, as an effort to support our community garden through Goodwin College. The Home Depot takes particular interest in our efforts to educate our community about gardening and healthy food choices.


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