Friends Embrace as We Arrive in Saco, Maine!


DSC_0717It honestly seems like we have been waiting for this trip forever. John and Anthony were not the only ones happy to be in Maine after all of the hard work and planning that went into this opportunity. There will be many, many more photos and hopefully a few more blogs to highlight all of the fun we are bound to have. The weather is still a bit glum, but the forecast looks promising!


The Second Chance Project

Common Grounders Share What the Project Means to Them… And the Turtles!

By Nicole Alexandre

The Second Chance project was established to help preserve the critically endangered Vietnamese Pond Turtle from extinction. This species was listed on the IUCN Red List in 2006. Our goal is to raise and eventually breed the species, at which point we will send the babies back to the wild in a designated part of Vietnam. Here at Common Ground, clients feed and measure the turtles to track their growth and in the process learn several interesting facts about the species. The Second Chance project allows the clients to be a part of this meaningful and truly rewarding process.

I’m grateful to be a part of this project. I enjoy learning about this species and I find this project very rewarding.

Client Comments:

Denise – I love animals and I thoroughly enjoy being a part of this project and love having the turtles around. I find all the facts about them very interesting.

Jesse – I’m really thrilled to be a part of this project. I loved learning fact about the turtles and look forward to sending the baby turtles back to their natural habitat.

Common Ground and YAS at NCRMHB Annual Dinner

Anthony and Torry Win Awards at Last Night’s Event

Most of the Common Ground crew and some friends hanging out at the event.

Our friends at the North Central Regional Mental Health Board always throw a good party. Besides having wonderful speakers, the best raffle prizes and some amazing food, the overall theme regarding advocating for and helping people in need was stronger than ever. It’s amazing that during this whole fiscal crisis, that our friends at the NCRMHB are always our pillars of hope, keeping us on course when it seems there’s no choice but to just cry. Marcia, Quyen, Dani, Phoebe, Sue and so many other people involved with the Board have no purpose other than making the world a better place for all of us. It’s an honor to work with them.


Last night, Anthony and Torry were awarded, basically due to nominations that came in directly from Common Ground. Without all of the common ground members, our amazing night would not have been possible.  Anthony was awarded with the Whitney and Edna Jacobs Family Advocate Award, an award given in honor of the folks who started NAMI, another great partner of ours. Torry was awarded for her tireless support of persons in recovery.

Marcia says nice things about our Torry 🙂

Activity Calendar for June :-)

DSC_0287*6/2, “Healing Voices” Movie Showing in Hartford. Leave at 12:30 PM

*6/2, Bowling with Mike. Leave at 12:30 PM. Cost is $10.

*6/7, KTP What’s Your Story Workshop in Hamden. Leave at 7:45 AM

*6/8, Art Day Shopping Trip

*6/9, Vinfen Sales Event. YAS and Mentors Only.


*6/11, Blue Man Group at Bushnell. Inquire with Tammie.

*6/15, KTP at CVH, Middletown. Leave at 9:30 AM

*6/16, Bowling with Mike. Leave at 12:30 PM. Cost is $10.

***6/17, COMMON GROUND CLOSES AT 12 for staff day***

*6/17, Common Ground Coffee House at Toivo, Frankiln Ave in Hartford. Starts at 5:30 PM

*6/21, Movie Night in Common Ground. Starts at 4 PM

*6/22, Turtle Catching and Fishing. Leaving at 9:30 AM

*6/22, NCRMHB Annual Dinner. Cost = $30. Starts at 5:30 PM

*6/23, MAC Meeting in Common Ground. Starts at 1 PM

*6/24, ALL DAY ART DAY in Common Ground

*6/28 – 7/3, Maine Trip!

*6/29, RCAC Awards Lunch, Wethersfield.