Turtle Research in the Field!

A group of staff and members from Common Ground and CHR in Manchester and interns from Goodwin College went into swampy turtle habitat together. We were able to capture four Eastern Painted Turtles, before taking detailed measurement data, before releasing the animals. Participants were able to learn about native turtle habits and habitats, how to determine a turtle’s age and gender, and several other topics related to turtle conservation.


Educational Session with Personal Trainer in Common Ground

Today in Common Ground, a knowledgeable personal trainer, Taylor, started a new project with Common Ground. She will be meeting with groups every Wednesday at 2 PM, to educate us on methods for overall wellness. Today’s group had to do with the importance of journaling as it applies to planning for one’s health. Taylor will also be doing one-on-one coaching for some of our clients. We are very excited to have her here. Be sure to stop by next Wednesday to join the movement!

Art Show and Sale Tomorrow in Common Ground

Tammie and Troy creating artwork that will be sold at this exciting event

Learning Workshop Today

Young Adults came together today for a pinchrest inspired learning workshop where people in recovery, including some of our own Common Ground members taught others how to create products of their own.


Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Oreo Cookies= $5

Whipped Cream= $6

Ice Cream Sandwiches= $12

Pans= $8

Making a unique and tasty treat that can be enjoyed through an entire vacation by 14 people= Priceless 🙂


Scenic Cliff Walk in Maine

John, Deb and Anthony pose for a photo during their beautiful walk along the Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine.


Nubble Lighthouse

One of the most famous lighthouses in the world was a perfect spot for this amazing photo of Bob and Carlos.