Art in the Park

Art Expression & Mindfulness Hits the Road

Diane and Denzel discuss their game plan

The Art Expression & Mindfulness Group is a favorite of many of the members here at the Common Ground learning Center. Diane always has unique and creative lessons planned and the members look forward to the group and come ready to learn and have fun. Some art projects created in this group include making wreaths made of toilet paper rolls, decorative flower pens, acrylic paintings, pastel drawings, collages, and candy jars. One project is never much like another, but they are always fun to produce.

Today, the group went on the road, so to speak, by heading out to the neighboring Town

Lynn happily gathers materials

Green Park. Participants collected organic materials, including flowers, acorns, leaves, rocks, etc. The materials were placed on top of a blank piece of poster board. Spray paint was then used to fill in the negative space between the objects on the paper. Members thoroughly enjoyed the process and the finished product, which came as no surprise. Diane always plans wonderful activities.


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