Benjamin Challenges the Legislature


Thursday was Benjamin’s third consecutive year testifying. Despite his smile in this photo, Ben really challenged the Appropriations Committee and legislature in general to keep in mind that they were appointed to take care of the people.


Anthony Keeps ’em Laughing


A good joke always helps with public speaking they say, so Anthony used several. If they don’t remember the message of his speech, perhaps they will remember the big guy who made them laugh. Anthony, besides cracking jokes, also delivered testimony that was very personal and highlighted the importance of community non-profit providers, Young Adult Services, Connecticut Legal Rights Project and the Regional Mental Health Boards.

Common Ground Advocacy Team


Common Ground’s advocacy team at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford last Thursday to testify regarding the governor’s budget. Over the next two days, in effort to celebrate the hard work of our members, we will share photos of those of us who testified, in order of appearance that long night that lasted until midnight.

The Second Chance Project

This touching video details the experience of people involved in the groundbreaking Second Chance Project, which gives people in recovery a chance to build experience and confidence in a unique way. Participants take care of critically endangered Vietnamese Pond Turtles, Mauremys annamensis, to help prevent the species from going extinct. This project provides a second chance to the turtles, but also to people who might be hoping to build their resumes and have something unique to talk about in their next job interview.