The Second Chance Project

This touching video details the experience of people involved in the groundbreaking Second Chance Project, which gives people in recovery a chance to build experience and confidence in a unique way. Participants take care of critically endangered Vietnamese Pond Turtles, Mauremys annamensis, to help prevent the species from going extinct. This project provides a second chance to the turtles, but also to people who might be hoping to build their resumes and have something unique to talk about in their next job interview.

2 thoughts on “The Second Chance Project

  1. you rock anthony and you make such a difference in the lives of the adults in recovery especially young adults in hartford county. i can personally say i have met each and every social/rehab director in each of the 5 LMHA orgs in region 4. you are the most genuine, passionate and connected. it shows in your work! whether youre using rare turtles (your passion) or encouraging young adults to make videos…editing in a pro editing room using ipads and camcorders, if i were looking for a social/rehab space to be creative and feel connected and healing…id seek services at ICMHG just because of your presence.. there are many agencies seeking adults and families’ services and their insurance dollars to operate with. but, its the staff who truly make the difference. because of youre warm, dedicated, nurturing relationship with your clients and the role modeling you exude to your staff…ICMHG Second Wind club moves ahead of all the rest. I feel that my 20 yrs in the field here in this region and my own experience as person in recovery (working as well to encourage others to take next steps in recovery) me someone who is able to make such a claim. btw, i also loved all the creative art work and the turtle painting in your club. keep up the terrific work! look forward to seeing the fishing pilot soon after everyone has bought their poles and equipment!


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