Music Therapy

OTA Intern Elena is running a great group at Common Ground right now, helping members to identify emotions that particular songs elicit for each of them on a personal level.


Sound Healing

Right now, Toivo is here offering sound healing and chair yoga to our members. We always love being able to learn about these new strategies for caring for ourselves and living happier lives.

Huge Event at Harkness

image1 (2)

Yesterday, Common Ground hosted 61 people at Camp Harkness for a cookout. We were so happy to spend the day with our friends from Team Time Clubhouse from New Britain, as well as InterCommunity’s Community Foundations and ACT Programs. This is a day that we will not soon forget, and we are very proud of the hard work displayed by Common Ground staff and clients to make it happen.

Clubhouse Get-Together


Yesterday, Common Ground members got together with several partners from the We Can Clubhouse and the Second Wind Clubhouse from Manchester and Enfield. This event was completely planned and run by our members and interns. We are so proud of their hard work and of our connection to the great clubhouses with whom we enjoyed the day.