Common Ground Boston trip

On friday common ground went to boston science museum and planetarium it was very fun trip members had alot of fun thank Intercommunity for the best experience common ground members had


One thought on “Common Ground Boston trip

  1. What a fantastic installation called the Faces of Mental Health. I love that museums are recognizing this important part of healthcare. We as a society need to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness and its treatment. I think fear has ruled our actions for far too long. The brain has its own illnesses, just like any other organ in the body might, but people who are afflicted with mental illness experience loneliness, depression and isolation not unlike those who were afflicted with AIDS in the 80s. Just like any disease or disorder that needs treatment, social supports are necessary for long term wellness and recovery to occur. Those who participated felt a part of something bigger than themselves and some learned to overcome their fears during this trip-not to mention the fun and thrill of the planetarium and its simulators. This was an incredible trip thanks to the management and support of InterCommunity- health care for the whole person!


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