Dinner & a Show


Common Ground members showed up to support fellow members of the club and other community members in a holiday themed play in Manchester. This was our third year in a row that we attended the event.


Celebrating With Senator Murphy


We had a great time at the Lyceum in Hartford, this morning, celebrating the efforts of many, namely Senator Murphy. His hard work has led to a new mental health reform act, which was signed into law last Tuesday. This is so promising, especially before the long road ahead, where the health and services of many are in jeopardy.

2016 Keep The Promise (KTP) Awards


Award winning advocate Carol Gilbert poses with her friend and fellow advocate Jessie Middleton, at yesterday’s KTP Awards

Yesterday, members from Common Ground attended the exciting ceremony at St Thomas Seminary. At this year’s KTP awards, Carol Gilbert received an award for Individual Advocacy. Great job Carol! We are proud of you for all your hard work.

Turtle Research in the Field!

A group of staff and members from Common Ground and CHR in Manchester and interns from Goodwin College went into swampy turtle habitat together. We were able to capture four Eastern Painted Turtles, before taking detailed measurement data, before releasing the animals. Participants were able to learn about native turtle habits and habitats, how to determine a turtle’s age and gender, and several other topics related to turtle conservation.

Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Oreo Cookies= $5

Whipped Cream= $6

Ice Cream Sandwiches= $12

Pans= $8

Making a unique and tasty treat that can be enjoyed through an entire vacation by 14 people= Priceless 🙂