Young Aduts Involved In Important Planning Meeting


This photo shows young adult leaders at a meeting which was called to plan a statewide networking event to be held in late January. Stay tuned for the event, coming soon!


Activity Calendar for June :-)

DSC_0287*6/2, “Healing Voices” Movie Showing in Hartford. Leave at 12:30 PM

*6/2, Bowling with Mike. Leave at 12:30 PM. Cost is $10.

*6/7, KTP What’s Your Story Workshop in Hamden. Leave at 7:45 AM

*6/8, Art Day Shopping Trip

*6/9, Vinfen Sales Event. YAS and Mentors Only.


*6/11, Blue Man Group at Bushnell. Inquire with Tammie.

*6/15, KTP at CVH, Middletown. Leave at 9:30 AM

*6/16, Bowling with Mike. Leave at 12:30 PM. Cost is $10.

***6/17, COMMON GROUND CLOSES AT 12 for staff day***

*6/17, Common Ground Coffee House at Toivo, Frankiln Ave in Hartford. Starts at 5:30 PM

*6/21, Movie Night in Common Ground. Starts at 4 PM

*6/22, Turtle Catching and Fishing. Leaving at 9:30 AM

*6/22, NCRMHB Annual Dinner. Cost = $30. Starts at 5:30 PM

*6/23, MAC Meeting in Common Ground. Starts at 1 PM

*6/24, ALL DAY ART DAY in Common Ground

*6/28 – 7/3, Maine Trip!

*6/29, RCAC Awards Lunch, Wethersfield.

“ART DAY” in Common Ground – June 24th

DSC_0286On Friday June 24th, in Common Ground, we will cancel all activities for the entire day and have staff and interns available, while we have our first ALL DAY “Art Day.” We will spend the whole day making art and will save work to be displayed in our first ever Art Show that will take place in July. If these events end up being half as good as we think they will, we are all in for a great treat!


After Hours Activities for March

Join us in March for one of these exciting after hours activities. There is a cut-off for each activity. Remember that all activities are first come, first served, and attendees must be active members of Common Ground. Each activity leaves from 991 Main Street (Common Ground) at the time listed for each activity. See staff for details/questions.


Friday 3/11 at 1 PM  |  Shopping Trip to Saver’s/Mall/Etc. + Dinner with Anthony (Bring $10 for food and more for spending, if desired)  Cutoff: 6

Friday 3/18 at 4 PM  |  Play (Passion of the King) with Beverly and Tammie (Bring $20 for food and the play)  Cutoff: 10

Thursday 3/24 at 4 PM  |  In House Movie with Mike (Free)  Cutoff: None for Movie, 11 for rides

Friday 4/1 at 4 PM  |  Wethersfield Pizza with Anthony and Beverly (Bring $10 for food) Cutoff: 10

IMPORTANT! Appropriations Hearing at the LOB

On Thursday, February 18th, the Appropriations Committee will hear testimony from people interested in NEW proposed cuts to the DMHAS Budget. We will submit testimony and go as a team to testify on this issue. Testimony should be written several days in advance and submitted to us so we can then submit it to Maura at NAMI. Remember that speakers only have 3 minutes to complete their testimony, which means all of us should practice our speeches ahead of time to ensure we come in under that limit.

We should be as excited as possible to complete this process, despite the fact that this is a very sad situation, once again. We have had a lot of good experience in this area now and should flew our muscles we have built over recent years. We are unified, we are strong, and we need to make our voices heard.

We should leave for the event around 3 PM and will plan to be there for a long time 🙂