Nicole Shows How it’s Done


Nicole shared how the Young Adult Services program has helped her gain independence. This was the first year a cut was proposed for DMHAS YAS, unfortunately.


The Second Chance Project

This touching video details the experience of people involved in the groundbreaking Second Chance Project, which gives people in recovery a chance to build experience and confidence in a unique way. Participants take care of critically endangered Vietnamese Pond Turtles, Mauremys annamensis, to help prevent the species from going extinct. This project provides a second chance to the turtles, but also to people who might be hoping to build their resumes and have something unique to talk about in their next job interview.


Letters to the Legislature


Carol, Carlos and Sherri proudly hold the holiday cards they helped write to our legislators, wishing them happy holidays and thanking them for their support. These will be stamped and in mailboxes before the end of the day!


Holiday Toy Giveaway


Common Ground and InterCommunity Board of Directors member, Carol, poses for the camera along side our wonderful Child First Program staff and their young clients, during our toy giveaway as part of the Holiday Toy Drive.


Celebrating With Senator Murphy


We had a great time at the Lyceum in Hartford, this morning, celebrating the efforts of many, namely Senator Murphy. His hard work has led to a new mental health reform act, which was signed into law last Tuesday. This is so promising, especially before the long road ahead, where the health and services of many are in jeopardy.


Concert With Friends


Just last night, our Common Ground crew took in a chorale concert at the Bushnell in Hartford. Tomorrow night, they’ll be at it again, so be sure to check the activity board in the Common Area!


InterCommunity Toy Drive


Common Ground member Donald worked today with Melissa from Child First and Kelly from ELT to bring many gifts to underprivileged children in East Hartford! We are very proud of him and his hard work, dedication and accomplishments.


Restocked Canteen!


That’s right! Everyone’s favorite snack stop is restocked with your favorite tasty treats. This photo shows Denise, Donald, and Jessie who are unloading the new items as we speak. Remember, when you buy five healthy treats, you get another for free!


Inside Out


Right now, Common Ground is enjoying a screening of the movie, “Inside Out.” This movie is a wonderful illustration of how all emotions, even sadness, are such an important part of healthy human experience. Looking forward to the discussion that will happen after the screening! 🙂